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For the majority of Canadians, the purchase of a home is the single largest financial decision of their entire life. And even when one removes money matters from the equation, the accumulation of memories which occur over the course of your family’s time spent at home – raising a family, personalizing and decorating, or simply relaxing and spending time with friends and loved ones – your home has become more than just a financial investment. It’s an emotional investment as well.


When the time comes to move on, whether to upsize due to a growing young family, downsize as the kids leave home, or to follow where your career leads you, there is no doubt that the sale of your home can in many cases be an intimidating affair. When is the right time to place your property on the market in order to best command top resale dollar? Which kinds of pre-sale upgrades and investments will pay off in a quicker and more valuable sale? How best to market your property once it’s up for sale? How should you conduct an open house? When dealing with a prospective buyer, how and when will all of the legal paperwork be taken care of? What if there are problems on closing?


Relax. Fortunately, an accredited, well-trained and experienced Realtor is a specialist in all of the concerns raised above, and more. I have devoted my many years as a licensed real estate professional to building an unrivaled knowledge of Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding areas’ resale property market. I am constantly conducting in-depth research to analyze trends in the local housing market for my existing clients, and would love to be able to put my understanding and resourcefulness to work for you too! Residential areas are constantly heating up and cooling down in terms of sales activity, and nobody is better positioned to help you comprehend and predict these trends than myself. I will be able to assist in advising you as to the optimal time to list your property, and in setting the list price at the perfect amount so as to guarantee optimal activity from prospective buyers.


Once your property has been placed on the resale market, you’ll need to turn to the question of promoting it to potential buyers. It is not unusual to see more than a dozen properties be listed in a single day at peak resale season on the Kitchener-Waterloo board alone, and these days there are a bewildering number of advertising mediums available to the home seller to market their property. How best to ensure that your home stands out from the crowd? Whether it’s a simple matter of installing a lawn sign and advertising for an open house, or taking it to the next level and calling in a professional photographer and arranging for a feature in a prominent local real estate publication like ‘Homes Plus’, I have you covered. In cooperation with Chestnut Park West, you and I will have access to the best marketing tools the real estate business has to offer; tools which will guarantee that your property receives the maximum level of exposure on the local market.

An Available Expert at Every Step

In addition to having access to the best real estate marketing tools in the region, I also have a solid knowledge and a good working relationship with the best and most prominent real estate attorneys and mortgage brokers in the region. When it comes to finding the best lawyer for you and your family to work with, or finding the right mortgage broker to ease the transition to your new home, I will once again be able to put my experience and expertise to work for your best interests. No question – the volume of paperwork involved in handling an incoming offer and putting the deal together can seem intimidating to an outsider. This is where your Realtor shines. I will conduct negotiations with the buyer’s representative to guarantee the best possible deal for you. I will talk you through every stage of the offer and counter-offer process, making sure you have a firm understanding of what’s at stake, and a solid knowledge of how the process is coming along. When it comes to fulfilling any pre-closing conditions on an offer, I can help you arrange everything from a home inspection, to financing on a new property, to the final buyer walkthrough. Every stage of the process through to closing will be managed – easing the burden on you, operating in your best interest every step of the way.

My connection with you, the customer, is not something which ends when the deal closes. I make it my mission to ensure that you have the optimal customer service experience – to keep every client as a client for life. I am happy to maintain contact with each and every one of my clients as the months and years pass, standing ready to advise you on the market when need be, and answer any and all questions you may have. I look forward to beginning that relationship with you today – if you have any questions about selling your property, even months or years down the road, contact me and see for yourself what kind of difference experience and knowledge can make!

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