After the dramatic ups and downs of the past year, I wanted to take a step away from my typical style of content this week to recognize the achievements of some of my friends and colleagues here at Chestnut Park West. 2020 started out by being anything but certain – I’m sure we can all remember what we were doing almost exactly a year ago now, when businesses started closing their doors, grocery stores were emptying out and the prevailing tone in the media and on the streets was a fearful one.

We’ve all struggled to adjust in our own ways but, thankfully, the worst now seems to be behind us and a return to normality is a brighter prospect. Despite the uncertainty which faced the real estate industry at the outset of the pandemic, 2020 turned out to be an incredibly busy year for our brokerage; a year which not only saw the market as a whole outperform all expectations, but which also witnessed Chestnut Park West grow in a big way – expanding into the Guelph Wellington market with the opening of Chestnut Park Guelph in January, as well as adding substantially to our team at the original Uptown Waterloo office.

As a brokerage – pound for pound – our relatively small but highly experienced and skillful team of Realtors and staff outperformed all competition, taking the CPW brand to new heights of productivity and success, and attracting ever more clients through word of mouth and brand presence in our communities. I am thankful to be able to work with such a knowledgeable and proficient team of professionals every day.

The names that follow represent, in my eyes, the very best in the business right now. These Realtors are at the top of their game, and the scores of satisfied clients and referrals who I see them working with are each a testament to their ability. Each level of award represents a higher strata of success in terms of sales figures and total properties sold – but even qualifying for an award at all is a significant achievement. I am proud of every one of these individuals for their hard work and dedication to their craft during all the uncertainty of 2020 – they’re an inspiration to the newer Realtors on our team, and fantastic role models for any aspiring agent.

The Chestnut Park West Premier Prize, 2020:

– Mike Bolger, Sales Representative

– Nicole Prokopowicz, Sales Representative

The Chestnut Park West Pinnace Club, 2020:

– Erik Erwin, Sales Representative

– Kristin Ghent, Sales Representative

– Adam Stewart, Sales Representative

The Chestnut Park West Summit Society, 2020:

– Jasmyn Vickery, Sales Representative

– Novak Nikolic, Sales Representative

– Miranda O’Sullivan, Broker

The Chestnut Park West Peak Producer’s Award, 2020:

– Darryl Watty, Sales Representative

The Chestnut Park West Rookie of the Year Award, 2020:

– Nicole Prokopowicz, Sales Representative

The Chestnut Park West Brokerage Top Producer, 2020:

– Darryl Watty, Sales Representative

So, once again, my most sincere congratulations to all our winners for this past year! Let’s aim to make 2021 even better!

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