If Waterloo is the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle, then Uptown Waterloo is its true gem, nestled in the centre of it all. With more than 400 businesses including retail, dining, entertainment and cultural sites, Uptown Waterloo is a fantastic place to live, work and play. The investment opportunities are varied and plentiful. 

Whether you walk, cycle, drive or take the bus, travelling in and around Waterloo is easy. Grand River Transit and the new Light Rail system will travel directly down King Street in Waterloo and provide fast, convenient service to both residents and entrepreneurs alike. If walking or biking is your thing, there are several, maintained community trails  connecting the streets of Uptown Waterloo with other areas of the city and its twin city of Kitchener. The Iron Horse Trail, running along a former railway corridor, connects Waterloo to Kitchener and provides a scenic route through both cities – taking in the urban oasis of Waterloo Park and Victoria Park along the way. Take a trip around the Uptown Loop, which provides a series of three self-guided walking tours that take you to stops at various points of interest, such as parks, public art installations, as well as architectural highlights both historical and contemporary. 

Uptown Waterloo’s recreational hub for over one hundred years has been Waterloo Park – an unparalleled green space offering an abundance of options for leisure and recreation. Located in Uptown’s core as a spur of the Trans-Canada Trail, the park comprises 45 hectares of mature, treed space. Taking a stroll along the paved and gravel pathways, one will discover animals, historic buildings, sports fields, park benches, playgrounds, a splash pad and the tranquil Silver Lake. Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky recently announced a plan to revitalize the lake in his State of the City Address: “The rehabilitation of Silver Lake and the Central Street entrance will add to the park’s lustre, making it the true jewel of our city.”

Amenities abound in and around Waterloo Town Square, which in addition to our own brokerage also houses a full grocery store, pharmacy, European-style café, shops, restaurants and a barber shop. If you are looking for some more international offerings, just around the corner on Caroline Street is Vincenzo’s. Here you will find a selection of over 500 cheeses, deli meats, sandwiches, hot food, fresh fish and thousands of grocery items from around the world. Finally, for that well stocked bar, one of the largest LCBOs in the province is located at the corner of King Street South and William Street – stocking everything you could possibly need. 

The selection in Uptown Waterloo for dining and entertainment options is plentiful. Running the length of King Street are a variety of establishments sure to appeal to every palate. Take your pick from the variety of amazing, independent establishments including White Rabbit, Loloan Bar, Abe Erb, Lou Dawgs, Death Valley’s Little Brother, Ethel’s Lounge, 21 Fir Whisky Bar + Kitchen and Café 22 to name a few. Patio season has just become even more enjoyable, as Uptown Waterloo has provided lots of space for licensed patios along King Street.

Looking for live music? The Starlight Social Club and Jane Bond (both funky bars that host local and international artists alike) are great places to relax with friends and enjoy the Uptown Waterloo nightlife. One last little gem we want to highlight is Words Worth Books, an independently owned book store located on King Street. As a vital part of the region’s cultural, social, and political community, multiple generations of book lovers have experienced this special place. 

It’s summer time in the city everyone! Enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this awesome community…there’s so much to do in Uptown Waterloo! 

Later this summer, we will talk more about why Waterloo Region is a great place to work.

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